My Latest Sock

Just completed my first sock for me. :happydance:

I can’t wait to start the mate, but will have to wait until this weekend.

That looks great! What yarn did you use?


gorgeous yarn too!!!

It looks great.

I really love the yarn you used.

I used James C. Brett Marble, in the pink/green colorway. I know it is all acrylic, but I have really cold feet and don’t have a problem with acrylic. Thanks for all of the compliments!


Love that pattern too. The combination of the pattern with that yarn is awesome!!

:cheering: great job and love the pattern with the yarn!!!

Great job!! :cheering:

Bee-yoo-tiful yarn and I love the pattern. Can you share the name of the yarn and possibly a link to the pattern?

If you have cold feet then you should try wool socks – they are amazing and once you wear them out on a cold day you will be hooked.

My feet are always warm on the coldest of days in my wool socks. My kids always have a pair to wear outside when they play in the snow.

Great job, by the way :cheering:


I’ve found that wool socks don’t get smelly like other socks. I guess it’s because they let your feet “breathe” more. Anyway, an unexpected benefit.

Looks great! :cheering: