My latest projects-NOT!

My hands are numb! I have been trying to knit so many gifts for Chrsitmas…I looked around my house and decided…$15 gift cards might work for some of these folks! I only have these two little hands and no helpers…so I am shutting down Santa’s shop until further notice! I have got to get my house in ORDER! Does anyone else feel that way?

You’ve got time. Don’t get rattled, enjoy your holiday. We’ve enjoyed seeing all the things you’ve made.

My latest projects have come up in KNOTS and NOTS!

Knitting should be fun–not stressful, painful, or hand-numbing. When it begins to get unfun, it’s definitely time to throw it down and do something else (although getting my house in order certainly wouldn’t be my preferred pastime–maybe kayak fishing).

And gift cards are a great idea–especially if there are lots of people on your list.

Maybe next year consider trimming that list down quite a bit??!!!

After all, this fact applies to most people in America: What could we possibly need or want that we haven’t already bought ourselves?

I should have prefaced this with a life story!!! I quit my job in September due to a back issue…was way behind in getting my house in order as I had had extended family living here for a long time…I have one of those personalities that I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING myself…which you would think at a certain age you would figure differently!
Anyway…I figure once I have house under control, I will pick up the needles and it doesn’t really take that long to whip up a sports hat!!! That is what the BOYS are expecting…my best friend’s sons…I don’t want to disappoint them…they treat me like a mom! And one is the godfather to my grandkids!
and yes I STILL have time!!

There’s no shame in giving a handknit still on the needles, then taking it back to finish up. If that’s what it takes.

My biggest thing is pressure. I don’t do well under pressure so if I tend to overdo, I basically become the b word because I get so stressed out. I always have to plan way ahead so I don’t get stressed. Gift cards are never a bad idea. You made some lovely things this year. You should be proud of yourself.

they treat me like a mom!

Who wants a stressed out mom? I’d say they love you, you love them, they’ll understand if you give them a “promissory note” for the finished item. I expect you already have the yarn, wrap it up with a picture of the finished hat. Don’t beat yourself up and DO breathe! Wonder Woman and Super Girl only exist in cartoons.


Making something because I feel I have to isn’t as fun as just taking things easy and knitting for pure enjoyment. If I am crunched I don’t like it.

I like the promissory note idea, too! And remember, the 12 days of Christmas extend until Jan 6th. It’s a handmade gift and this kind of love takes a little more time. Relax and enjoy the season.