My latest KIP experience (was adding a crochet edge)

I KIP (or crochet) regularly, usually when I’m waiting for something or someone. People often watch and sometimes ask about it.

Over the weekend I was waiting for an appt, so pulled out an earflap hat (still need to weave ends & add a chinstrap) and started to crochet along the edge. Someone else came in and asked if it was knit or crochet, saying that she just learned how to knit a cable.
I showed her the hat (which has cables), explaining that yes, it was knit, but I was adding a row of crochet around the edge just to finish it off a bit. She said she had heard that crochet was easy but the bit she’d looked into seemed confusing. So I showed her a basic chain and how to make some crochet sts. She thanked me and said she might try it now too, since seeing it one-on-one.

Don’t know if this post is OK here in the knit forum too or not. I give mini knitting lessons if asked.

That was nice of you and I’m sure she’ll remember it! :thumbsup: