My latest handspuns

This spinning forum doesn’t get enough action. sigh So here’s some yarn porn of my 3 most recently finished yarns. :slight_smile:

(click for full size pics)
This is Romney (dyed) and Cormo (natural) spun with color bumps added.
300 yards, 2 ply worsted weight.

100% Mohair
440 yards, 3 ply sport weight

100% Cashmere
370 yards, 2 ply sport weight

ooooh, they’re all gorgeous Silver! :inlove:

:inlove: Looooove that mohair!!!

You’re right, this forum doesn’t see any action :pout:

I still haven’t tried spinning after getting my wheel :verysad:

I love the cashmere! Although all of them are beautiful!

Bee-ewe-tiful!!! :muah: :muah: :muah:

:cheering: Those are gorgeous! Makes me have a hankering to spin…

Thank you everyone :hug:

They are all beautiful, but i can just imagine that pink in all knitted up…

so pretty…

Thanks Sandra. Yeah, that pink cashmere is my precious! I sell most of what I spin, but that cashmere, some alpaca, and my first skeins are three that I just can not part with! :slight_smile: