My latest FOs

The [COLOR=navy][B]first[/B][/COLOR] is another teddy for my daughter made with thicker yarn and bigger needle size.

[COLOR=black]The [COLOR=cyan][B]second[/B][/COLOR] is also for my daughter.[/COLOR]
Pattern: knit rectangle in seed stitch - desired size. Knit strap in seed stitch - desired size. Attach strap from middle of rectangle and sew up the sides.

[COLOR=black][COLOR=dimgray][B]Third [/B][/COLOR]is a rabbit knitted with daughter - one row me, one row her.[/COLOR]

And the last are blue hats - the pompom one is for daughter and the other is for my husband. Just very simple pattern from my head. My husband’s hat I didn’t decrease very well but he doesn’t seem to notice. He actually wares it!

Everything looks great!

Everything looks great and if your DH wears his hat, you made it just right. I really like the shared knitting rabbit. That is a real treasure.

Well you’ve been busy busy busy! I love everything, and thanks for sharing with us! :thumbsup:

Adorable, one and all and in lovely colors. Lucky daughter and husband!

It looks like you are having fun and knitting away. A nice variety of things here. Your hats look like they turned out very well.