My latest creation

Here is my latest creation! I love those cute little snuggle blankets with the stuffed animals on them. I decided to make my own. What do you all think of it?? I plan to sell them on etsy…I know I will have some tuff compition since they are popular but I hope to make a few sales after my vacation :happydance:

Its so lovely …thnsk for sharing

That’s very cute! Does the animal come off? It seems like it would be awkward to cover a baby with, but might be nice to lay them on so they have something to look at. :thumbsup:

very cute :thumbsup:

I was so excited I didn’t rully explain. The head of the bear needs to be stuffed and the arms attached. After that I will sew the bear to the blanket. Its not a blanket to really cover with…more like just snuggle with :slight_smile: . Over the past few years I have seen these small blankets get lots of love from their owners (I work in a daycare). I make mine a little bit bigger than the ones sold in stores becasue if the baby falls asleep while holding onto the bear/rabbit etc. you can drape it over them. I have seen them used as a lap blanket for infants. I also like your idea of using it as sort of a play mat. I could add a second one on a different corner using a slightly different textured yarn to spike the infants curriousity! Thanks for the idea Jan :muah: And thank you everyone for the praise :hug:

  • I will post pics of the snuggle blanket when it is all put together!

Good luck! It looks great!!

very cute!:inlove:

Ahhh, that is so darn cute! Good knitting! :thumbsup:

That is just adorable. Good job!!

Very cute!