My lastest size two boys sweater

Grandma Lynnie’s latest labor of love for Aaron this time!

Made with Lion’s brand wool ease yarn using a double strand of yarn throughout. Easy pattern from a book called: The Yarn girls’ guide to Kid knits patterns for babies and toddlers by Julie Carles and Jordana Jacobs. Stocking stitch with garter stitch boarders. The button bands are knit as one piece with the fronts, as is the boarder around the hood and cuffs.
It was fun to make and took about two weeks to complete.

If you can identify the picture on the pocket I will sew it on. If not it stays off. Let the voting begin. Thanks.

PS: I call this “First Words” because my 20 month old grandson can say the names of each button: Helicoptor, tractor, train, dog

That’s the cutest sweater!

The picture on the jacket, is it a helicopter? Great job :thumbsup:

Very cute! I also think the picture on the pocket looks like a helicopter.

Great job!

Adorable! He’ll love it!

oh so sweet.

:smiley: Absolutely adorable!! I think it looks like a helicopter, too :wink:

So cute! Nice work! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I think it’s a helicopter? That is adorable! I love making kids knits, but I don’t have any to knit for! :frowning:

I have to admit my first guess about the pocket was Nemo, but there didn’t appear to be enough stripes and the part above him didn’t quite fit. Then I read the rest of the posts and have to agree that helicopter makes sense.

To be fair, a close up picture of the pocket would probably divulge much more!

I love the sweater AND the great first words concept. So cute and clever!

Another Lynn(ie), though not a grandmother

Very cute! Those buttons remind me of when my 4 yo son comes shopping with me at the LYS… he loves checking out the cool buttons.

It’s a helicoptor! :smiley:

Very cute sweater.

Great job!! :happydance:

very very cute! I love that you called it first words sweater–what a good way to capture memories!

Here’s the close up of the pocket picture some one asked for…the answer tomorrow.

My first ever intarsia attempt!

Aww! What a cute story and sweater. That is so precious that your grandson can name all the buttons.

In both the distant and the closer view, I could definitely tell it was a helicopter.

I think it fitting that your first intarsia attempt go on a sweater called “first words”. A couple of firsts! How precious is that.

YES! It is a helicopter…but I had guesses of ghosts and elephants and fish too so was hesitant to use the pocket. Wanted to make a jet on a second pocket but lost ocnfidence. Now it’s back, not perfect (the intarsia) but doable for a twenty month old! Right? Right!

Thanks everyone for your wonderful supportive ocmments and compliments. On ward. :XX:

And to Jan who has no children to knit for but likes childrens’ things may I suggest doing it for hospitals, boutiques, friends, etc.?
I knit for cousins’ kids too.

Fingers dancing over yarn all the time! Lynn, who started knitting in 2006!

Cool idea with the buttons !!!

Yes, I LOVE BUTTONS and find cute ones at a store called Hancocks here. Might be online. Great little packets of mixed buttons too. like i used on the bee hat…behive, etc. Bee Happy Button. Fun, fun and the kids love them.