My last attempt!

This will be my last attempt at trying to figure out this pattern.

I did rows 1-34 and at the end of 34 i have 83 sts. The pattern calls for repeating 15-34. My problem is that if I repeat row 15 it only accounts for 63 sts. Why do I have an extra 20 sts.

Please help me understand!


As I recall, there are 10 sts in the pattern repeat. So you’re not repeating the sts between the () enough times.

I’m repeating it twice already does that mean i have to do it 3 times. It doesnt indicate anywhere that I should be repeating it more than once

Yes, repeat it 3 times on each side of the center stitch. That’s what it means by that earlier question you asked - how to incorporate the increase stitches into the pattern. You just keep doing the st repeat until you get to the center stitch or to the other edge.

Thank you sooooo much. I have been racking my brain for hours. You’re a life saver.:muah: