My knitting tip

after casting on, do first row of project/blanket… At the start of second row, put needle through stitch as if you are going to knit/purl stitch. Instead of doing the stitch just slide off needle, put on oppisite needle. Start off every row like this. This is a perfect edging for blankets or if you need to sew pieces together.

I’m glad you discovered this. Slipping the first stitch can make an attractive edge and some patterns call for it.

Yup, that is a great tip to know. Now if I could just remember to actually [U][I][B]do[/B][/I][/U] it!

NOW you tell me lol. Oh well never mind
Great tip for next time :slight_smile:

I love slipping the first stitch, then I knit the last.
My blankets look great that way.

The following link is a tutorial of three ways of doing this: :thumbsup: