My knitting story -- and my first post. Woo hoo!

I recently found this here website and I love it! People who obsess over knitting as much as I do – who’d a thunk? I’ve just learned so much lurking here over the last few weeks, so thank you all!

I’ve been knitting off and on for the last 8 years. Four years ago, I moved to Florida from Montana after colllege and left all my knitting supplies in storage with the rest of my stuff in Montana. The reason? One, I was only going to live in Florida for six months before going to grad school; two, why would I need knitwear in Florida? Well, six months turned into three years, so I eventually shipped my knitting stuff to Florida. All of it – giant rollaway containers of yarn, books, everything.

Then I moved back to Montana six months after getting all of my junk to Florida. So, the shipping fees weren’t exactly money well spent.

This October I moved back to Florida from Montana, and, wisely, brought my knitting gear with me. I know, I know – from what you know of me, my hobbies include:

(1) Knitting
(2) Moving between Montana and Florida

As you can imagine, both hobbies can be quite costly.

Anyway, once more, I brought my knitting gear along on the move – no more of this leaving stuff in storage in far-flung locales. No more!

Or so I thought until my car transmission died en route from Montana to Florida in Casper, Wyoming. It turned out that my vehicle really couldn’t pull a trailer as the U-Haul people had assured me. Yeah. So, 98% of my belongings are in a storage unit in the middle of Wyoming. And that includes my knitting supplies. We had limited space in my vehicle and limited time to decide which of my belongings absolutely had to go to Florida with me. :verysad:

I was in Florida for a week or two before the knitting bug bit me again and bit me HARD. I’ve had to buy all new supplies and restart my stash; strangely, I’ve been more productive – and adventurous – in the last two months than I’ve been in the last eight years. I don’t know what it is! I made my first hat and a beer coozie (which I’m using right now. Wow, I do good work :teehee: ), pictures of which I plan to post once my camera batteries are recharged.

This site has been invaluable with answering my questions about dpns, circulars, and, hmmm…pretty much every knitting question I can think of. Reading your stories has definitely given me a boost of confidence when it comes to my own projects!

Anyway, that’s my story. See you around!



The nice thing about the folks here at knittinghelp… we move with you! No moving cost either other than your computer :wink:

Mama Bear

Some of us might charge a nominal fee. But only nominal! :teehee:

Welcome. You know us, CRAZY LOVES COMPANY!

Welcome along! :hug:

So…you’re telling me there’s a huge amount of knitting what not two hours away from me this very moment? Hmmm… :wink: I kid, I kid. :teehee:

Welcome, and may your belongings catch up with you soon.

(Your moving from Montana to Florida reminds me of my frequent long-term trips between Wyoming and my Mom’s house in Belize. Once you get where you’re going, you realize you left important stuff where you came from and have to start over from stratch.)

[quote=“ambernowknits”]So…you’re telling me there’s a huge amount of knitting what not two hours away from me this very moment? Hmmm… :wink: I kid, I kid. :teehee:

So, you’re telling me that there are actually people who live in Wyoming?

And now I kid. :lol:

Hey, maybe on your next trip to Belize you can swing by Casper and stop in Fort Myers Beach with my yarn? :slight_smile:


Welcome Britt! :waving: You will soon notice that we are all a little addicted to the knitting bug (and increasing our stashes!) :slight_smile: