My knitting looks like a trapezoid

Ok I’m new to knitting. I had started a year or so ago but gave up without finishing any project, not even a dish cloth.

I’m knitting a basic garter stitch sweater right now, it’s my first project this time around. I’m using circulars since i so far prefer them to straight needles. But my scarf that is hanging from the circulars looks kind of like a trapezoid… [U]/----[/U]

I know I somehow added two stitches early on and I did k2tog (twice) to reduce by two stitches to get me back to 20 stitches which is what the pattern states for CO. But it still is looking kind of trapezoidish. I didn’t tink back to where I added the stitches since this is just a scarf for me and nobody else would be wearing it. I’ve gotten to about 9 or 10 inches so far. Will the finished piece seem more rectangled when it’s done and off of the needles? Will I need to wash and block it and dry it flat? The yarn is Knit Picks Brava Bulky (acrylic) yarn.

I just took a picture of it but it’s against my red couch (red yarn) so it didnt come out well. I tried briefly photo editing it but it just wasn’t working.

Though I did notice I don’t see the trapezoid shape as much in the photo as I do in real life… So I’ve got no clue… Anyone else run into this?

It may be that the k2tog (especially if they were close to each edge) are contributing to the trapezoid shape. Since it’s acrylic yarn, it won’t help to block it but washing and drying according to the labed instructions may help. Keep a good count of the sts every row to make sure you’re not picking up sts and if so, that you catch them early on. It will also help you figure out what you’re doing to increase the extra sts. There’s a lot of information here about extra sts so you can see that you’re not alone!

Ah okay, thanks! Yeah every few rows I check to see if I still have 20 stitches and so far I’m not picking up stitches. I think what happens is the yarn is split and I had went ahead and knitted it which creates a new stitch.

Yes, that’s certainly one way it can happen. (Believe me, there are lots of others.) Counting sts and using stitch markers to make this easier when you have many stitches are very useful techniques.

Yes when I get into more complicated projects I will definitely use stitch markers. I have some somewhere but we recently moved and I lost track of them. They used to be in my knitting bag but are there no longer. So I might as well just buy some more. Would you recommend circular stitch markers or the split ring markers? I had the split ring markers.

My scar seems to be fine the longer I knit it. So the shape should be fine. I was just worried.

Oh and is it normal to get allergy symptoms (eyes burning, some sneezing here and there, etc) from 100% acrylic yarn?? I don’t have any hives or obvious dermal signs of allergy, just my eyes and nose. Maybe it was just a fluke but it seems a few minutes after I pick up my knitting that I end up with burning eyes. It’s not so bad that it stings, but just enough to annoy me. I am allergic to dogs that produce much dander and trees, grasses, etc. But I’m in a heated/air conditioned apartment without windows open. And my dog is a yorkie (has hair instead of downy fur) and I’ve never been allergic to my dog. I’ve had him for over 4 years. So this is strange to me. I take zyrtec daily and haven’t had any issues with allergies unless I forget to take it. But I’ve only had this yarn for 2 days now and it’s only been happening for 2 days.

It could be something the yarn is treated with. Keep an eye on it and if it only happens when you knit then I’d suspect the yarn. Since it’s acrylic it may be the way it was treated or something. :think:

I prefer jump rings to split rings myself. Less to catch on the yarn IMO. Many people use split rings though so it’s personal preference. I buy a bag of them at Joann, but other hobby stores probably have them as well.

Could it be her tension?

Sure, tension can contribute to this kind of problem. You might gradually tighten or loosen up as you knit but the increase in st number and the k2togs are certainly enough to add this kind of shaping. Overall, I don’t think it will be so noticeable.