My knitting is very tight =[

its really weird, i mean i’ve only started knitting a few months ago, when i first started it was fine, then i dropped it. i’ve started knitting again, but what i find is no matter how loose i knit its always very very tight, and i find it hard to knit a new row and just give up =[

any ideas? other than knit looser?!!

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Check your technique…if you’re giving the working a yarn a little tug after each stitch, stop doing that. It will tighten properly when you knit the next stitch, without tugging.

Other than that…just knit looser! :slight_smile:

In addition to making sure you don’t pull the yarn after each stitch, look on Youtube for the many different ways people hold their yarn. Practice a few methods, you want the yarn to flow through your hand easily and smoothly.

thanks!!! but what i found that its only tight with one technique. i have no idea what its called, but its when i knit 2 like… knits at the same time…? sorry i dont know specific terms!! but like just normal knitting and purl threads are fine!! thanks!! xx

You mean when you k2tog? That’s because the sts on the previous row were sorta tight. You can take the tip of the right needle into the sts to be knit together and loosen them up with it. That can help.

I knit kind of tight so I have to watch the way I hold my yarn. I hold it in my right hand and tend to wrap it twice around my index, but have have gotten into the habit of holding it in place with my pinky and ring finger against my palm, and only draping it over the index finger so that it is a lot more loose.

It could also be your needles.I know that stuff tends to slide around more on metal needles and wooden needles have a bit more grip to them.If you are using metal,I would switch to wood(I use bamboo).You might be knitting tightly to avoid having the stitches slide all over the place on slippery needles.

Another problem could also be the yarn. If the yarn is too dense and the needles you’re using are small, the knitting will be very hard. Be sure to use thin yarn with thin needles.