My knitting is so loose

iv been learning how to knit continental and my knitting is really loose can anybody help me to make the fron t bumps formed by the first stitch in garter stich even? :x:

Practice. That’s it. When I tried conti, my sts were way too tight… You just have to work out your own tension. It’ll come! :thumbsup:

I’ve been knitting for a year and just recently learned to knit with Continental style and am still in the practice mode…practice, practice, practice and then practice a bit more! As I have found is my general rule in all new :XX: techniques… :wink:

Try holding the yarn different ways. Many people hold the yarn completely differently in both their right and left hands.

:thinking: Just a thought to comment on for others…is loose necessarily bad? there are times when it is definitley desirable not to have tight knitting. Couldn’t she just use a smaller needle to get the gauge?