My knitting is much larger than gauge. Start again or carry on?

I started a pattern on size 3.00 mm changing to 3.50 mm needles according to the pattern instructions. I have now knit the body in the round and it looks so big. 1. Should I start again on even smaller needles or 2. Should I carry on knitting the pattern (the smallest size of child’s cardigan), run out of wool and keep it for an older child. Confused!

What is the name of the pattern and can you provide a link please? (Don’t post the pattern here it’s a copyright issue)

Is there a schematic in the pattern? Did you do a swatch? A swatch is very important when knitting a garment. The suggested yarn, needles and gauge in a pattern are based on the designer’s gauge. A swatch will tell you your gauge so you know whether to go up or down a needle size to get the correct garment size.

Since you’ve knit so much I would probably continue on and let the baby/child grow into it. If you want a smaller size I’d get new yarn, do a swatch and change needle size.