My knitting has loosened up. :(

im making a king sized blanket and i noticed on the fourth panel thatmy knitting has suddenly loosened. :frowning: :thinking: ive tried to consciously tighten it but it feels uncomfortable to do so. its a cast on of 84 stitches in worsted weight and ive added almost two inches to my knitting. the panels are supposed to be exactly the same size; each one. im scared im not going to be able to finish.

has this happened to you?

im ordering size 7 and size 6 addi’s from jeff in hopes that a smaller needle will help the problem. are these small enough or do i need to go even smaller do you think?

well, at least i have an excuse to increase my addi turbo collection :rofling: :happydance:

I had to start wrapping my yarn around my pinkie finger twice to help my tension. Hope you figure out how to fix this problem.