my knitting has appeared to go backward

Hi I am new here and really need help. I am knitting a baby blanket about half done. It is knit on round needles with double knitting. All of a sudden the pattern went off. I took it back 2 rows to correct it and now the pattern is backward - knit showing when should be purl. I tried changing it on the needles it is the same. Any ideas what I have done and how to fix it. Thanks in advance.

When you say “round needles,” do you mean knit in the round on double-pointed needles? If you are knitting something tubular, it’s easy to set it down, pick it up wrong way up, and accidentally turn the thing inside-out and start knitting back the way you came. But this is a baby blanket so I don’t imagine that’s the case.

I haven’t taught myself double knitting. I think Mike uses that technique!

Can you provide a link to the pattern?

Can you take and upload a photo of the problem?

Yes sorry I meant knitting in the round. I will have to scan the pattern I bought the book. Will do that and send a pic tomorrow. Thank you

Don’t post the whole pattern. Just post the part you’re having trouble with and/or a link.

It sounds like your knitting inside out?

With a little time me explaining it may come easier, I’m planning a 2x2 rib hat with knit one color purl the other, opposite reverse.
You can make knit or purl on either side no matter how the other side is seen, it’s how the yarn is carried. Between stitches RS yarn gets carried in front of WS, WS gets carried in behind RS. You may have reversed how you’re carrying.

If you didn’t tink it back you might have picked something up out of order. What I do if I frog is tink an extra row. That gets me back to a proper row if there’s anything special (ribs, cables, DK).

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Yes I was thinking of taking another row back. I wonder if I wrote the wrong number of the next row to do and knit the wrong row. Thanks for your help

I figured it out thanks for your help. I had taken it back far enough but had recorded the row I needed to start on incorrectly so the next row of the pattern didn’t work. Back on the right track now thanks

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