My knitting doesn't look like knitting

Hello I am knew here and trying to learn to knit. I have watched the videos over and over but I seem to be doing something wrong. I don’t have alot of time to practice.
Anyways I will try to post a picture. My knitting just looks off. I was useing cotton yarn.
Any advice?
Thanks in advance

It does look like knitting! The cotton yarn doesn’t “puff out” the same as wool yarn does so certain stitches look a little different. The stitches will even out after you do a few rows. The rows closest to the needle will look a little distorted. Try practicing different stitches (stockinette, seed st) with your yarn so you can get a feel for it’s performance. Try it with another type of yarn like wool or acrylic and you will see that your knitting is just fine.

Cotton is not at all forgiving, so if there’s any uneven stitches, they will show.

You’re knitting every row, so you’re getting garter stitch. For fabric with one smooth side and one bumpy side, then you need to knit one row, purl one row.

Thank you! I wasn’t feeling very confident. I figured it would look differant than it does. I wish I had someone close to me that could show me hands on how to do things. I will keep trying and maybe find a differant type of yarn to try.

I didn’t realize that. I will try that after my kiddos go to bed.

I think it looks like knitting! :cheering: I also learned by watching the videos here, and it took me many hours to make even the first knit stitch. Learning to purl went a little faster, though.

  1. I think you may be making it more difficult on yourself using cotton yarn to learn. Can you get some very inexpensive 100% wool yarn? I think that’s much easier to work with.

  2. Try some stockinette stitch–knit one row, purl one row, etc. I find that all knitting (garter stitch) doesn’t look as pretty as stockinette, anyway. You will also be delighted with yourself when the pattern starts to emerge!

I hope you keep trying! I am a big knitting advocate now. I just don’t know what it is about knitting. I dabble in several different things–I write, paint (but admittedly haven’t in a long time), do cross stitch, do a little gardening, play the trumpet…but knitting is the most satisfying. :heart:

I did the knit a row pearl a row and it started looking like what I thought it was supposed to look like:woohoo:
I will get some differant yarn. That yarn is what my mom in law got me when I said I wanted to learn to knit.
Thank you everyone for helping! I’m sure I will have more questions as I go.

Rose, it sounds like you are off and running. BTW your mom-in-law probably thought she was getting you a good yarn for starting to learn with. A lot of people seem to have that idea, but most of us knitters would disagree. Smooth wool or acrylic would be easier to start with. Your mom-in-law was not [U]trying [/U] to make life hard. LOL

Rose -

It looks just like knitting. Keep it up. Soon, you will being things that right now look impossible. Keep going girl

Thank you both!
I think she really was trying to be helpful.
I really hope to be able to actually make something at some point but will stick with practicing stitches for now.

Ok now it looks like I was thinking it should look thanks so much! This is the best pic I could get.

By GEORGE, I think you’ve GOT (the hang of ) IT!!!:cheering:

You are doing a great job!:thumbsup:

Time to pick a pattern, now!! :slight_smile: