My Knitting doesn't have the pattern/design it should

I am extremely new to knitting. I bought a book, [I]10 20 30 Minutes to learn how to knit[/I]. The first project is a blue dishcloth. It is supposed to have a textured design, there is a picture which I believe to show an example. However, I am already up to row 20 and it looks just like regular Garter Stitch. I am not sure what I did wrong. I followed the instructions to a tee. Any help is much appreciated!! :slight_smile:

Also, When I tried to make the other stitches, they all looked the same to me. Did I do something wrong? Or is there a difference I just can’t see yet, being so new??


Please supply the instructions (or a web link) to your pattern.

If your project looks like Garter stitch then you have to have knitted every row, or purled every row.

Cast on 46 Sts.
Rows 1-4: Knit Across
Row 5: (right side) K9, P2, (K6, P2) 4 times, K3
Row 6: K3, P1, K2, (P6, K2) 4 Times, P5, K3
Row 7: K7, P2, (K6, P2) 4 times, K5
Row 8: K3, P3, K2, (P6, K2) 4 times, P3, K3
Row 9: K5, P2, (K6, P2) 4 times, K7
Row 10: K3, P5, K2, (P6, K2) 4 times, P1, K3
Row 11: K3, purl across to last 3 sts, K3
Rows 12-16: Repeat Rows 6-10
Row 17: K3, P2, (K6, P2) 4 times, K9
Row 18: Knit across
Rows 19-73: Repeat Rows 5-18, 3 times; then Repeat Rows 5-17 once more
Rows 74-77: Knit across
Bind off all sts in knit.
Weave in yarn ends.

Right now, there is no pattern that I can see on what I have knit. Also, I am not sure what ‘right side’ means.

Thank you!

Right side is normally the side that you want to show off. In this pattern all odd number rows are knit on the right side.

You will have garter stitches on the first 4 rows and the first and last three stitches of every row. This creates a border and reduces edge curling.

I would think by the time that you have knit 20 rows some type of pattern would have shown up. Could you have miss counted row and out of sequence.

As a new knitter and at time I still place a safety pin on the side that is the right side and us this to make use I am knitting the correct row. You odd numbered rows are right side rows.

You might want to check the free videos (tab at top of page) and use them to go along with the instructions in your book. They’ve helped me a lot.
Welcome to the fourm!

Yes, you’ll have garter stitch for the first and last 4 rows, and the first and last sts of the other rows. But rows 5 to 73 have a mix of knits and purls on each row. Mark row 5 as the RS, just hang a paper clip or safety pin on a stitch and you know that’s going to be an odd numbered row every times it’s facing you.

Row 5 begins with k9 which is the 3 edge sts, then 6 knit sts, then you p2 and (k6, p2) 4 times across the row, ending with k3 for the garter edge.

Row 6: begins with K3, then you P1, K2, (P6, K2) 4 Times, P5, K3 edge sts. The p5 will be the back of the k6 from the beginning of row 5, so those should show as stockinette st. The k6 p2 repeats will be a little offset I think, but eventually will show a sort of garter rib pattern. Sometimes it takes a few inches for the pattern to look like it should, so just work on it for about 10 or 12 rows after the beginning garter rows then see what it looks like.

Check the videos to make sure you’re making the stitches correctly. It’s possible you’re not bringing the yarn forward to purl or not moving it back when you need to knit. That’s not uncommon to new knitters.