My knitting club & more

these are some photos from my knitting club. The cat (blue hat) goes with my choir on every trip and has her own choir outfit. I thought she needed some winter clothes since it has been very cold in Phoenix lately. Not to be outdone, one of my students showed up the next day with her cat in a pink hat she knitted!

What a lovely group of knitters and your kitty looks nice and warm in his little hat, scarf and mittens. Thank you for encouraging the kids to knit. It helps them with self esteem, keeps them out of trouble and provides a lifetime of enjoyment!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: What a great group!

that kitty is so cute! I tried that with my real live kitty but he wasn’t so happy with the hat I made him… :shrug:
I WISH someone had taught me at their age (around 9 it looks) to knit! grats to you :heart:

Cute little hats and a wonderful group. :happydance:
The room you all have to work/play in is super.
Thanks for showing us.

That is neat!

My sister is an art teacher and a few of her students expressed interest in learning how to knit. Shes going to buy them needles and yarn and such. I think its pretty cool.

I taught a group of kids to knit once. It was so much fun!

So did I

and i get a stray voicemail about how this one or that one still knits, and mentons me