My Knitting Anniversary...haha

The end of this month will mark 3 years since I began knitting! :teehee: Yes, still fairly new…lol…But man, the things you learn in such a short amount of time!

Happy anniversary! :slight_smile: It really is amazing the things you learn. When I started I thought I would never figure out socks… now, less than 2 years later, I’ve knit several pairs. :slight_smile:

:happydance: Happy Anniversary!! :cool:

Yes, isn’t it amazing how much you can learn (and gain in confidence!) over the years!

Now don’t you deserve some New Yarn for your anniversary? :teehee: LOL!

I was thinking the same thing! :teehee:

Happy anniversary! I noticed on my blog that my one-year one was last month. Yes, you do deserve some anniversary present yarn.

And a happy knitting anniversary to you too! Looks like you’re a month past due for your anniversary present! :teehee:

You are right and if I wasn’t newly unemployed I would march myself to Knitorious and get myself one. There is a holdup with unemployment and severance. I think they are connected–my employer waiting for the severance agreement from me before he doesn’t contest unemployment–and that I have them fixed but still won’t get money until late next week. Grrrrrrrr! We should celebrate. You’re close to St. Louis, right?

Indeed I am, just across the river :slight_smile: I can’t afford yarn now either, but, I’m keeping my fingers crossed I get the gift certificates to my LYS and Michael’s for Christmas that I asked for…lol

So sorry to hear about the unemployment, I hope you get something worked out soon!

BTW, have you ever been to Knit and Caboodle on Main Street in St. Charles?

To be honest I haven’t even been to St. Charles since I started knitting. Next time my daughter has a photo shoot there I will go while she’s busy. I have only shopped in Knitorious and Kirkwood Knittery and Hobby Lobby for yarn. I reeeeeeeally want to buy yarn!!!

Happy knitiversary! You can learn a lot in three years! I think the reason people sometimes seem to think they can’t is because certain things are just supposed to be “hard” when really they aren’t that complicated if you just tell yourself you can do them. Know what I mean? :slight_smile: Congrats!

We’ve actually got 2 yarn shops here within walking distance from me…Knit and Caboodle is one and Artistic Needles is the other, however, I think Knit and Caboodle has slightly cheaper yarn. Then there’s Michaels, Wal-Mart, of course (last time I was there they were still selling yarn, and had even expanded their selection a bit!), and I believe, a Hobby Lobby nearby as well. I just wish I had the money to go to them more often! :teehee: