My knitting album


I have finally made it to put some of my knitting into pictures and some of the pictures onto the internet. I now have an album (started) that I will add things into as I go.
But I wanted to share the status of the day and show what I did. Mainly the pieces that are in the album now were made between February and middle of April and are for my new niece who is just SUCH a cutey!
I made more in January and have been knitting a lot since then. As I said: more pics will follow.

Comments are welcome and here is the link:

Holy moley! You’ve been busy! Such a lot of adorable knits!

I wish my kids would crank it up and have some more children! I’ve got 10 grands, but none are babies anymore! No one wants to have more than 2 kids these days. Not like us, where a family with 3 kids was small, 4-5 kids was average, 6-9 was big but not unheard of! The days of double-digits was way before my time, and prolly before the pill, too!

You’ve really knit a lot of very nice things! Thanks for sharing the album with us!!!

Oh my goodness! You have been busy! The patterns are great and I love your choices of yarns and colors.:cheering:

Hi Artlady!

Yup, knitting for babies is so quick and fun. My niece is the first family baby for both my husband’s and my family. She lives in the US and was born in November. I didn’t get to see her until easter but at the first of January I dug out my knitting again (after long absence from it) and started a hyperactive phase :wink:
the rest of my stuff I partially have to take pics of or dig them out.

I will enter more here later.
(my own shirt, sweater, jackets and so on).

Thanks. I have been told in the US that the pieces look very “European”. :wink:
I partially used left over yarn I had and partially robbed my LYS that became a good friend place again. :wink:
the patterns are mostly from magazines I get here in Germany, but partially completely altered (the flower-blue and grey jacket in the beginning was supposed to be white cotton, 1 color and BIG flowers crocheted onto it. But the raglan cut was great. And so on.

Currently I do a loose fitted summer shirt with big holes for myself and a tight knit jeans blue cotton pullover with big cables for myself. both lie on the couch and happily come into existence.

What beautiful projects! The clothesline is a great way to photograph them.

Hi bambi!

thanks to you to. It feels good to show those things around since I won’t have much of a chance to see the little girl in them (she lives so far away).
I saw pics in good pattern magazines where they had things hanging on hangers off of chairs, on baby beds, on hooks somewhere. And I thought, the line would just be perfect. The beautiful hangers my mother in law had around made it all together. and the used wooden pins.

Gosh, they are all adorable! I’m in love with the little bear with the backpack - too cute!!!

You have one lucky little niece! Every one of those little garments are so cute, and I love the stuffed toys too! Great job!!

thanks you two!
I found that the knitting helps me to rid myself of the stress. So helping the baby to look cute and stay warm helps me to come down, be happy and watch TV without being bored (which I would be other ways).

I have made more toys, too. I will have to take pics, I know. I will let you know when they are in!

the bear with back pack is from Laura Long “Irresitible Toy Tales”, very cute book!


I have filled one album - that’s why I started a new one, too. The first one is updated, too.

here is the link to both:

comment sure are welcome.

The pattern for the frog prince will be out soon. (seperate thread in the pattern forum)

You have really made some beautiful outfits there! I love your choice of colors too, and the patterns are just adorable. I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying knitting and it keeps your stress down. Btw: why the stress?

Thanks, Woodi!
I learned knitting when I was 4. I did a lot and yarn ran through my hands like mad. I also did crochet, make bracelets and all that.
Then I went to knitting socks, then to gloves.
Then I did not knit much for years, since: how many socks can you make? How many gloves can you give away… a good bit… but then that stops.

Then some babies came around, last my niece (who lives in the US).

So I picked up knitting again, gained speed, a lot of knowledge and finally dared to overcome my sleeve trauma.

That is a special issue with me: in 5th grade we knit a pullover in school. I did a beautiful backside. I started the front, used different patterns on it (thinking they would match) and finished that. I was one of the quickest and best knitters in my class and things came out well. Then I started a sleeve. Never even finished the first one right and was bored with the project (also not wild about the cut…).
Well, it was all the fault of the ugly blue and yellow yarn, it did not look good, it did not feel good.
I started over shortly after that. Made another pullover all by myself (same cut, I did not have another pattern). It suffered the same fate.

That was the last I made for pullovers or outfits, ever.
Then baby pullovers… well, fast, small, that was ok.

And then a LOT of baby-outfits this winter.
That got me thinking that it is hypocritic to use 600 g of yarn on 3 baby pullovers, but think that a single pullover for myself would be too big a project.
So I made the violet pullover with the shell pattern in the bottom part. Then I made many more, as you see.

The knitting output here is since Jan. 1st this year. And I not have pics of all of them. The pullovers for myself and most the stuffed animals I started middle of April 2010.

My stress is usually riding high, since I am a lawyer and work long days between a 12 hour minimum and a 16 hour-thing multiple times a week if I am unlucky. I never quite know how days go, but usually I am relatively wound up or beaten down at the end of the day.

Knitting really gets me to unwind, be productive, be repetative, until I fall asleep. It makes me happy and relaxes.
OK, it is also adictive. But it is easier than the sewing I used to do for like 2 years before, since that bans me to a room that drowns in scraps and fuzzies and I do not see my husband all night. Knitting I can do on the couch while watching TV (I hate to ONLY watch TV. That bores me a lot and gets me drowsy, so I need to do stuff anyways) or I can take it places (on long train rides for example).

And the outcome is SO beautiful and practical and individual and so I just like it. And making little gifts or whole baskets full of outfits is really nice.

A good LYS helps to get on.

My patterns are mostly from German magazines (almost all pullovers), partially international magazines (the thai-top), from here, from (as the bunny-duck) and (as the white lace jacket) and from drops ( (the norwegian jacket that is yet unfinished)

Do you ever sleep?

How do you manage to get so much finished?

Very cute collection!

Well, I do sleep, yes. But when I don’t I work or I knit.
Thanks for your praise. I will finish up the albums soon, including all I took pics of. But it is soooo much work - and the posting keeps me from knitting :smiley:

Wow! Such beautiful work!

Thanks, I appreciate the approval :wink:
Just knitting by myself is not quite the same so I needed to show stuff around.
I also thought, writing here and ginving advice to others might seem more legitimate when I actually prove that I can and do knit :slight_smile:

What is your ravelry name? I’d love to add you as a friend there, so that I can keep up with all of your beautiful work!! I’ve really enjoyed looking at your pics!!

Hi Amy!
thank you very much. I have not entered my projects there so much (just the hello kitty cap and the frog by now) but I will update my account there soon.

I am hyperactive. Well, not in the medical sense, don’t get me wrong. Just that is my nickname here and there :wink: What is your’s? So I know when you klick on my name!