My Knitted iPod Cover

Okay, so I’ve been asked for the iPod cover pattern. This is for the ‘full size’ iPod, not the mini (will be making some of those v.soon for presents for my husbands cousins). Is the one that this pattern is based on.

CO 36 (leaving a long tail - approx 60cm) in the round.
Knit in stockingette stitch for 52 rows
Bind off 18 stitches
Stockingette for 2 rows
K7 single row button hole for 4 stitches K7
Stockingette for 2 rows
Cable cast on 18 and rejoin for the round
Stockingette for 21 rows
Finish both ends with Kitchener stitch
Crochet button loop on front cover
Sew button.

Pop in iPod and go! :smiley:

Thanks for the pattern! I just made an iPod case for a friend but kind of had to wing it, because I don’t have one myself so I wasn’t really sure of the dimensions! If it doesn’t fit, I’ll be sure to use your pattern for the next try! :smiley:

Do you know what size needles you used?




2.75mm and a 6ply equivalent, so it’s a VERY tight knit… But also quite thick and protective :smiley: