My knits 2024 so far

Nearly half a year already behind us and so much still to get done …Life took over for a while, but managed to do a small project for a cousin on his request and a fairly complex (for me) knit for my daughter. And …embarked into attempting amigurumi …what a delight to see the outcome, although there are times when I would rather use two needles instead of one :sweat_smile:

Midvale Beanie : On the request of my cousin Gopu, who was fascinated by the Lake Reed pattern beanie I made for my husband, I took up this relatively easy knit - although I had gauged it right, the beanie still appeared to be a “tight fit” - realised later that the beanie pattern is not intended to cover the ears, like the Lake Reed pattern. Something to watch out for the next time, while selecting beanie patterns.

The Love Letter Top by Kutovakika is my latest knit, just completed two weeks back. My 19th project !

I fell in love with this intricate lace pattern by Kutovakika. On checking with my daughter, she was excited as she once had a similar top in white. I bought the recommended pattern yarn in white -Sandnes Garn Norwegian yarn LINE (53% cotton, 33% Viscose, 14% Linen) in London. It was a fun knit, challenging and exciting. Took about 2 months. I blocked it and that brought all the stitches nicely together and the outcome is gorgeous, and fits my daughter like a charm.


Very creative and gorgeous. The hat is lovely and the lace pattern is beautiful. I love the hearts within the lace.

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Thank you @salmonmac - I have missed the motivating endorsements :heart_eyes:

This lace top is so pretty and you’ve made it perfectly, I’m not surprised your daughter is pleased!

You mentioned working amigurumi with one needle - crochet? You know there are knitting patterns for these small stuffed toys/characters too?

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Thank you @Creations ! I didnt realise one could knit amigurumis - wonder how I missed that vital info. Ended up getting a set of crochet needles - they are way easier on the wallet than knitting needles.
Have added a knitted amigurumi to my bucket list (and a tunisian crochet piece too)

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Love the top, that looks perfect for a hot summer day!

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Ooh, Line is a very nice yarn. I have a couple of balls of the standard one, and a couple of Tynn Line (thinner version). I think they also have a thicker one.

It looks lovely in your lace pattern.

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Beautiful! I have seen a number of Kutovakika’s You Tube videos and find her and her patterns really interesting. Great job!

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Thank you @Claudia1, @Shintoga, @kushami - indeed Kutovakika’s patterns are very endearing and enjoyable to knit too