My KnitPicks order is here!

:woot: My KnitPicks order arrived this morning! This package was worth being awakened for!
The light gray yarn is merino-style wool in “Fog,” and the other yarn is “Vanilla”. Fog is for a hat (as are the needles), and vanilla is for a cabled sweater (my first attempt at a cabled sweater and my first attempt at following a chart instead of written instructions). So, yippee!! I have the whole weekend to knit, knit, knit! :woot:

A box from KnitPicks! How lovely for you!

Nothing smells better than a freshly opened box of yarn in the morning!

Happy knitting.

I love :muah: getting Knit Pick boxes. Congratulations. Love their yarns. Enjoy your weekend.

:happydance: Woohoo, working away at my hat! I have done almost an inch; probably 2 more rounds will do it. I’ve never worked with, or even seen, size 0 needles, so working with them took a little getting used to, but now it’s going faster.
This is also a picture of the pattern I’m making, from Vogue Knitting (the holiday '09 issue).

nice! I love to receive orders.
By the way, I am curious to know how long after you ordered your items from KP did you receive the box? Also, do they ship to Canada?
Thanks! Happy knitting weekend to you!!

I placed the order on the 8th, they shipped it on the 9th, and I got it today, the 14th, right when they estimated. I was able to track it as well. Nice and quick, I think. :happydance:
Also, I read on their site that they do ship to Canada. Yay! More info on their site here.


I’m excited for you :slight_smile:

I’m placing my order for knit pick’s Palette Yarn today!
I’m going to start knitting my Garden Gate Socks as soon as it gets here.

What fun!!! I LOVE getting boxes of yarn! LOL Your hat is lookin’ good!

Thanks, everyone!
This is the progress I have on my hat so far. It’s taking a lot longer than hats usually take, but I think it’s going to be better than most of my other hats. Excited! :happydance:

That’s pretty impressive! (and pretty too.)

looking good Nicole.
You will have it done by the weekend at this pase!
Have Fun.

What a lovely hat. Size 0 needles, yikes…no wonder it’s taking longer to knit. Can’t wait to see the FO.

The hat is beautiful Nicole~how nice for the lucky recipient! Keep up the great work and keep us posted! Enjoy the weekend of knitting!:knitting: