My KnitPicks order has arrived!

With a big help from Jeremy (:muah:) I got my KnitPicks order. And that’s what i got:
Panache in Moss color
Memories in Redwood forest and Rocky mountains dusk
Bare in fingering weight
Options set (it’s behind the yarn)
DPN’s set (6 sizes, not in the picture)
and books
I’m totally excited! I’ve already tried the needles yesterday and it’s everything everyone were saying about them - so comfortable! I had real fun knitting with them:woot:

:passedout: I am soooo jealous!

Knit picks is the only reason I sometimes secretyly wished I lived in america… Yarn I can find otherwise, but options seems to be one of those life altering experiences… anyways… have fun with your treat!

Wow!! What a haul! :cheering:
I’m totally jealous. The Memories looks really pretty!! Enjoy.

but now i’m confused. i thought you couldn’t get memories anymore. :??

Oh my, that’s a beautiful haul. What are you planning to make first?

Lady Violet, the Memories was on sale for 2.99, i think, so maybe they were clearing out…
Yarnfreak - I don’t know yet, actually. I try to keep 3 WIP’s, so i need to finish one to start another. I’m thinking about an Irish Hiking scarf and some matching hat with Panache and i’ll find some really nice sock pattern for memories and i’m planning on dyeing the Bare yarn myself…