My Knitpicks order came today!

I ordered more than $100 worth of yarn and needles from Knitpicks this Friday, and paid extra so it would all get here today, right before I leave for a short vacation, and…it did! All 30+ skeins! And it’s just as fabulous as I hoped.

I got enough WOTA to make a pair of clogs for both my mom and myself, hers in brown and orange, mine in light and dark blue.

I also got 4 different kinds of sock yarn, some of which will be turning into Pomatomus…es…soon. Maybe the Memories or the Gloss?

Then I got caught up in a lace frenzy, and ordered 4 kinds again. I think I’ll be making a Moebius scarf out of the Alpaca Cloud.

Finally, I ordered a skein or two of a bunch of other yarns. (Ambrosia, Panache, Elegance, those kinds of yarns.) They’re all so SOFT! :inlove:

These are my first “high” end yarns, if you can call them that when they cost so little, and I am definitely in love. Hopefully, I can restrain myself from buying any more yarn until I’ve used at least some of this!

:inlove: porrrrrrrrrrrrn :drool: What’s the purple on on the top of the pyramid in the last picture??

I already mentioned this in another KP thread, but the price of “free” shipping has gone up… now you have to spend 45 dollars, instead of 40. It USED to be 30!!! Did you notice if that was the case when you ordered last weekend, or am I just behind the times…

I LOVE Knit Picks. No, wait… I have a total fetish for Knit Picks. I go there first before even my LYS if I need something.

So, I totally understand your excitement over your KP order. Congratulations on all that lovely yarn!!!

The purple is…Elegance, I think, in lilac. Yeah, that’s it.

It’s been $45 for a couple weeks, I think :teehee: I noticed it when I first started putting in this order, near the middle of February. Of course, I ended up paying 16 for 2 day shipping, anyway…

I just learned the perils of winding without a swift when I attemped to put a hank of Memories into a ball. Ouch. :wall:


Oooh. Look at all that yarn! I would love to go “shopping” on KP for some yarn for a project, but I am in a knitting slump of sorts. I just can’t find a pattern I want to do. As soon as I do, I hope to have some pictures just likes these! :happydance:

:cheering: wow what an order. great pron too by the way. hehehe. can’t wait to see your FOs. I love your sock yarn colors! Pomatomus ahh one day I’d love to work on that pattern.

drool Wow :heart:

Wooooooo yummy! :drool:
These yarns look so soft! And some great colours you have there, too! :teehee:

invest in the yarn swift and the ball winder… u will love it and totally worth every penny spend …

invest in the yarn swift and the ball winder… u will love it and totally worth every penny spend …

Yeah, I have a ball winder, but before this, I never actually needed a swift (all my yarn was already in skeins). I’m not sure if it’s worth it to buy a swift, or just improvise with my knees, or a lamp, or something.

[size=6][color=green] WOW, I’m jealous!! Thats a bunch of wonderful yarn for $100. [/color][/size]

When I ordered Alpaka cloud Ididn’t realize the 440 yds would be in a skein! I finally figured out that if I turned a chair upside down and slipped the skein over 2 legs I could wind away without getting into trouble. :happydance: ellie