My Knitpicks order arrived!

Hi y’all!

My knitpicks order (Denise needles and knitpicks shine) arrived and I am so excited! :happydance:

I have a total of 3 of the cream and two each of the other color yarns. The problem is, I don’t know what to make with it. I’m a little burned out on wash/dishcloths, though.

Any suggestions?


What is the Shine yarn like? I’ve seen pictures but haven’t seen it in person. Is it soft? Is it cottony? Is it acrylic or what? I hope to order some from Knitpiks sometime, and I’d like to have your opinion on it! It’s so much fun to receive a “present” in the mail isn’t it! Happy dancing for you! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: samm

Samm-- it is very soft and is 60% pima cotton and 40% modal (whatever that is). I haven’t tried any on the needles but compared to sugar and cream it is a lot nicer (but that may not be saying much).

And yes, presents in the mail are a nice thing (even if you pay for them).


:crying: :crying: I want some Denise’s! Lucky you if you got them for $25–I saw the post too late. I’m new to knitting, but before I spend a ton on needles, I think I might just get a set of these!

I would be tempted to make a simple summery tank with those, love the light purple color.

maybe a hat?

Modal is another strong natural fiber. It is very soft and can soften up most coarser fibers when combined. I felt a hemp modal blend not long ago that was so lucious!

Is it enough for a tank top?

nice stuff =D

My plymouth bamboo arrived today - super soft yarn from an auction I won on ebay!