My knit pick options cables HAVE MEMORY!


my knit picks order finally came today! were my expectations of the supposedly very memory-less cables too high?

some pictures:

my kpo 47" cable. that, my friends, has memory.

the 24" one doesn’t seem as bad though.

if you ask me, my addi’s looking a lot better:

so, what’s the deal? i really expected something that would hang nearly straight down when held. :frowning:

they do eventually. they’ve been wound tight in the warehouse for a while, pull em and let them hang over night. After you work some projects with them they become much straighter. Anything’s gonna have some memory.

Just knit some, and they’ll straighten out. I had that happen with my set in the beginning.

I got mine today too, and they did that just until I started using them- now they are completely flat. I love them!

Plus, they are so very flexible that you won’t even notice the curl.

don’t forget that your addis have a needle hanging on the end too…

That might weigh that 47" cable down some and cause it to hang straighter.