My KINDLE 3G + Wifi saved me!

In the mountains the past 10 days…and happily knitting away…and texting away on my Droidx.

However, one fine day, the Verizon network connections went KAPUT! El gone-o. It stayed OUT from 1 til 9pm. When it returned, it was on and off, touch and go.

Next day, network connection restored, but OUT again at 1pm. And stayed off til 4.

IN THE MEANTIME…we are completely PHONELESS in the mountains…a dangerous thing. I was so annoyed, but couldn’t do a thing about it except wait, and fume.


[B]My Kindle reader is 3G! [/B] It can access the internet via ATT! I was able to email my daughter back home, and asked her to call Verizon and find out WTH is going on over here in Eastern Washington!

My Kindle worked best with my gmail addy. Hotmail/Windows Live email were dicey. I couldn’t open to read. But I was also able to check Verizon’s Twitter feed, and sign in to my Verizonwireless account to get information.

Long story short…Verizon was having ‘weak signal’ issues in an area of about a 60 mile radius, including our mountain top. Technicians were aware of the problem and were working to restore full strength signals.

Sigh. :pout:

I also called them when my Droidx “woke up” later that second night. They also suggested that I call *228 and update my roaming capability. Not so much for ‘real roaming’ or making calls from the moon…but for picking up signals in a weak area.

Yay!!! I check my email on my Kindle 3G when at Mom’s with no internet. It sure comes in handy :thumbsup:
Yet another reason to love the Kindle.

Jeff Bezos for president!!

(Just in case one doesn’t know who he is.)