My kiddo is 3 today!

My son, lane turns 3 today. It’s amazing to me that he’s that big already. It makes me happy in some ways b/c he’s getting so big and he’s at a fun stage where he likes to play and wants to be like his daddy. On the other hand I’m sad though b/c I miss the little “baby” that needed mommy for more things.

I want another baby, that’s the problem. My baby is getting big now!


Happy birthday to Lane!

Today is also my dad’s and my SIL’s birthdays! Small world, eh?

They grow up so fast. I found that when my son started school it seemed to go even quicker.

He is 7yrs old now and so independent.


Happy Birthday to Lane! :balloons::present:

My lil guy turned one recently, i wanted to cry. :cry: Whereas my daughter turned three end of july, now she’s in preschool, first day is today :noway:

happy birthday to Lane! everyone will say it but it is so true- they grow up sooooo fast…

(when I get those baby-missing feelings I go baby sit for a friend. that way I get to hold and love a baby without having another!! LOL!!)

p.s. Kayleigh and I painted the suncatchers this weekend- what fun! thanks again!!

It’s my sons birthday today as well! He’s 2 :heart: His name is Shane…Shane and Lane! They rhyme!!! :yay:

Hope he has a great day :hug:

:balloons: Happy Birthday to both Lane and Shane! :present:

I love that age. Happy happy birthday to your son. I remember worrying when my son was three because his preschool teacher reported that he didn’t know how to play well with others and was knocking blocks down. That was 22 years ago. :slight_smile: (He does know how to play well with others now and to prove it he got married three years ago:teehee:)

Awe that’s neat that they share the same birthday! Shane and Lane. Too cool :slight_smile:

Marykz: I am glad you guys painted the suncatchers today. I always loved those when I was younger! I hope they look beautiful in her window!


Happy Birthday to Shane and Lane! How cute!

They do grow up fast. I remember when my younger daughter turned 3. She was 3 until noon, then she started telling people she was 4. An hour later she was saying she was “5 and going to school tomorrow with my sissy.” LOL

Now she is 20, almost 21 and in the US Navy.

Awwww…Happy Birthday, Shane and Lane!!! :balloons::present:

My mum thought she would be funny with his birthday card…

Happy Birthday, Lane!:balloons::present:

My firstborn is going to be 34 next month! :shock: I still see my big strappin’ 6’5" son as this little 2 year old in OshKosh overalls and a Buster Brown striped tshirt. I treat him like a man, but I see him like my little boy. That is never going to change. (here he is at 2. Wasn’t he just adorable?)