My KH Blog Space

Hey, there! :waving: OK, here we go with the essentials:

My husband and I live in Georgia, even though I’m a Pacific Northwesterner by birth and he’s a “coonass” cajun from New Orleans. :notworthy:

I’ve been knitting on and off for a while now, but am becoming much more serious. I’ve completed some beginner stuff like simple purses and scarves. Right now I am working on a 2-colored sweater/pullover with chunky yarn. They say it’s a beginner pattern, but I would classify it as more Intermediate. I have :frog: at least twice so far because it’s one of this intarsia deals, but the yarns keep crossing over each other, becoming sloppy. So I’m cheating by knitting each color block separately and then joining them later at the sides. I’ll eventually get the hang of that intarsia, maybe, sooner or later.:eyes:

It’s really cool to see guys on here as well. So much for the stereotypes.:yay:

Our babies are our 3 ferrets and we love them to pieces - couldn’t imagine life without them. And, for the more eccentric folk in here, you’ll be pleased to know that I have a Chilean Rosehair Tarantula, along with a little Betta male fish.

Have a great day!

Welcome to the blogs and KH!


Thank you for the welcoming in!:aww:

Update to my blog - I have my first pullover project finished, which I published under Whatcha Knitting?

My current project is a v-neck pullover that is light-blue and has one of those diamond lacy-type patterns on the front. There are SO many good, free projects online that my queue’s gonna be a mile long.

I still want to try socks.