My job as a knitster is 1/2 way over

Finished taping 1 of 2 knitty gritty episodes. It was alot of fun. Everyone is soooo nice there. Vicky is cool. The set was just what I expected. Had to hang out in the green room for a while though taping for the 1st and 2nd show took longer than they thought it would so we needed to totaly rush through ours in about an hour and 15 min. (It was their 1st day of shooting 3 episodes)
One of the knitsters that was with me is going to be on Marnie’s show next week. I would have liked to have been on hers and Amy’s show but I found out a little too late. :crying: Maybe next year.? (I think Amy’s started her knitting adventure today if i’m not mistaken…)
These episodes will be shown in about a year, some less than a year.
It all depends when DIY wants to put them on.
But you guys should try it next year. There was a gal who flew in and said it was worth it :thumbsup: .

Oh yeah Their was no way I could mention this site on tape at all.
I mentioned it to vicky in front of the film crew and was told I could not specify my favorite forum/site.
Also, no t-shirts, buttons, nothin with any logos no matter how big or small.
but since Amy’s gonna be on the show, she’ll have the chance to attract everyone over.
Watch we’ll see a fast rise in members sometime next year.

SUCH a cool experience!! :cheering:

:cheering: you’re sooo lucky! :cheering: congrats again! :thumbsup:

a cool chick whose blog I read all the time was taped on Oct 12. maybe you were in the same episode.

yes, I taped on the 12th.
Who was it? MK?
Designer or knitster?
I didn’t really meet anyone from the morning taping.
But I have a feeling it might be Lori the designer from the 2nd show. She was dressed so awesome in a knitted skirt and sweater and some funky leg warmers that i’m sure she made.
Is that her?

Oh, now I think it was M.K. …
I saw it on the favorite blogs list.
Yeah, I was feeling kinda bad cuz I didn’t really get a chance to talk to her.
I was introduced to her for a split second. She was busy getting her sushi bathmat finished up and then I got scooted off for a tour of the place so I never did really get to say anything other than hi.
She has great hair. (She’s got purpley highlights and I don’t think she knew it, but the stage lights really showed them off.)

yes, it’s MK. I’d love to meet her in person. she’s a Hawaii gal like me, and her blog is just so damn cool. you are lucky you got to meet her! :thumbsup:

Hey–which blog is hers?? I’d like to check it out.!!

I think I’d be scared to death to be on KNitty Gritty or anything else!! Good for you!! :thumbsup:
she is the creator of the Womb on

Thanks Jodi!! :wink:

Thats sooo exciting… I want to do it! But how!? :XX:

Congrats!! Can’t wait to see ya :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: How very exciting!! So, how does it feel to knit among strangers, knowing that it will be on TV?! I so don’t think that I could do it…lol. Although, I can knit anywhere in public…but that’s easy!! Have fun!! Can’t wait to see it :smiley: :happydance: :happydance:

I wasn’t nervous at all :happydance: till the tape started rolling then I was a wreck… :shock: :roflhard:

I’ll be with a couple of friends next time so i’m hoping i’ll be able to say more than 2 words. :oops:

humblestumble, About 6 mos. ago some one here said knitty gritty was looking for knitsters and had an email addy ( :?? I think if you go to the DIY website you’ll find the addy somewhere on the knitty gritty page.) I’m not sure if they’re all booked up now or not (they only tape in Oct.) but when you do email them besure to add your photo and one of something you knit. :thumbsup:

i was on one of last season’s episodes and i had a blast! it was the Mixing Yarns episode (i was the chubby girl in the pink shirt sitting closest to Vicki on the couch)

and the best part was the guest - she works for Lion Brand Yarns and gave us ALL her sample yarn b/c she didn’t want to carry it back on the plane - i got a fre skeins of “moonlight mohair” before it was even in the stores

oh cool… I have to remember that! And I think I would be a little out of balance too once the tapes start rolling…

I just saw that show again, Jelly! I will have to give them a go through when I get my tapes back (loaned to a friend before she went on the Knitty Gritty show :wink: ) and then I can put face to name & posts…very cool.
I just could NOT knit or speak in front of all of these people that I don’t know…well, I can in public as I said before…but this is a horse of a very different color (I do so love the wizard of oz!) I am just very, very proud of you that have gone on the show, both knitsters and guests :smiley: