My Introiduction

Hello Everyone

My name is Shirley. Named after my mother’s love of the film star, Shirley Temple. So this should tell you that I am a 74 yr old senior citizen who has taken up knitting again after many, many years of family and career activities. I am a self-taught knitter and look forward to the excellent information available on KnittingHelp.

Talk with you soon!

Hi Shirley,
I too am a self taught knitter and picked it up recently after years of crocheting. I have just finished my first sweater for my daughter. I did an easy sweater pattern free download from the LionBrand website. I am very proud of it. She wore it to work on Friday and got so many compliments! Yiphee! Can’t wait to hear about some of your projects.

Welcome to KH, Shirley!

Welcome to Knitting Help, Shirley! That was my mom’s name, too. :thumbsup:

That’s great, Shirley, to pick up the needles after so many years of being busy with other things in life. I hope you enjoy it very much, and this is a great place to get help and share.

Do you still have your needles from when you were knitting previously?

what’s your fav thing to knit?:happydance:

:waving: :blooby:

Welcome Shirley! :waving: You’ll love it here, everyone is wonderful on these boards. Very supportive and encouraging and helpful at the drop of a hat!

Hi Shirley