My Interpretation of the famous Booga Bag

I successfully knitted and felted a Booga Bag! This was my first felted object and it was fun to do. I used Lambs Pride Worsted. It’s a very nice soft yarn. Softer after felting. I looked at Noro in the store and I thought it was rather scratchy. Lambs Pride had a nice rainbow selection of colors. Since this was a knitting “experiment” for me I chose colors for me. I’m keeping this. Purple is my favoite color. I think the purple yarn was called Violet, but I might be wrong. The green is Kiwi.

I finished the actual knitting a couple weeks ago; because of the striping and stranding everyone kept saying it looked like a hat from a Dr. Seuss story. The stranding was new for me too, it was a simple pattern and if my strands weren’t straight on the back I figured the felting would take care of that. The pattern of strands and stripes I made up as I went along and I think it has a nice symetrical effect. There were some odd ball errors here and there but the felting process corrected them all.

For the actual felting I followed the instructions in the article at I had loads of fun watching my bag magically shrink. Last night I put in my lining which is backed with very stiff interfacing but lends a good dose of sturdiness to the bag.

On to the pictures!

That looks absolutely fabulous! I love the way the lining goes with the rest of it, it makes it look really professional. I really dig the checkers and stripes, too.

That turned out really cute! Can you give us instructions on how you inserted the lining w/the stiff back?

It’s a functional work of art! Wonderful!

It’s lovely! Well done!! :thumbsup:

That is awesome! I love the stranded look on it! :inlove: :inlove:

that is great! I live the lining and the snap, I’m too chicken to do that!!!

That is really, really cute!!

Ooo! Gorgeous!

That’s absolutely beautiful! That’s your first attempt at felting? It looks very professional! :notworthy:

Ditto - VERY professional looking. I would also love to know how you inserted the lining…

Wow!!! That’s fantastic! :thumbsup: Lining plus fair isle loveliness!!

I love Lamb’s Pride–felted or not! Though felted it has that wonderful fuzziness! :inlove:

You did a beautiful job! I’m going to remember the magnetic thing for the next one I do. Good idea. :thumbsup:

Gorgeous :thumbsup: I love, love the colors, love the lining :smiley:

GReat job. It looks absolutely beautiful. I love the very very professional way you have finished the bag. You have inspired me to put in the lining for one of my bags.

Wow that came out beautiful - I love the colors.

:shock: LOVE IT!!

That’s so pretty :inlove:

Wow, your modification to the pattern is really wonderful! The choice of lining and magnetic closure make it look so professional. Great Job!! :cheering:

Your bag came out so beautiful!! :happydance: I too love the colors and the designs on it. I haven’t knit one of these particular bags…yet. But I may use the Lamb’s Pride too. Thanks for sharing. :XX: :XX: