My husband's a sweety!

So the mail came today and there was a copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac in the mailbox for me. My husband just ordered it after he saw it on my Amazon wishlist–no rhyme, reason or occasion. Just because. :heart:


Awww that’s great! :yay:


Ahhhhhh, I want a husband like that as well… :frowning:

(Well, I’m pretty sure if BF would see a wishlist, he’d order about anything he could afford… :smiley: The problem: I don’t have any wishlist anywhere, because probability that someone will see it and actually order something from it is under 1%… )

:thumbsup:to your Hubby!

That’s awesome!

I had to outright tell my DH what I want as deployment presents.

(OT: we have the house decorated in art and knick-knacks from our out-of-country deployment/temp duty assignments. Of course, where have we both been? Africa. Yup, two white, Southern, military people with a house decorated with tribal drums, carved masks, ostrich eggs, hand-woven wool rugs. Sometimes it strikes me as funny)

So this time he’s going to South America. What can you get in South America? Yeah, I told him if he wanted to get me anything to get me leather goods or yarn. Yarn in pretty colors. I don’t know that he’s savvy enough to get some uber-cool good quality stuff though. I’ll give him a list before he goes…

Trish-that’s the most wonderful thing about this–he never does stuff like that. :slight_smile:

What country will he be in in South America?

Oooh, lucky you! :slight_smile: And clever him!


Probably Paraguay and Columbia, a handful of others… I’m not really certain.

What a thoughtful, loving husband! Does he have any brothers??? hee hee hee:out:

What a great gift, so much nicer when it is unexpected.

Will have to create a wish list and train my husband to go look at it.