My husband wanted to knit

So I decided to show him how. It took me forever to show him how to cast on, because he wouldn’t let me show him. He wanted me to talk him through it with no demonstration. Once we finally got through that and were ready to knit, he once a again would not let me show him. After nearly 2 hours, he completed his first row of knitting, and declared that I was a genius for being able to do this and find it fun. He then set aside his little project. Apparently he’s going to work on it “later”. :roll: I’m not allowed to reclaim my yarn or needles until he conquers them.

How cute, at least he tried.

I loved teaching my boyfriend to knit. He had a lot more respect for it after he tried…haha

I hope the needles and yarn he used are not near and dear to your heart. It may be awhile before he picks it up again.
But I have to give him credit for trying. Now hopefully he knows that it takes some work and effort…

My DH paints these little tiny miniatures for Civil War and WWII gaming. He says knitting looks ‘tedious’. The amazing thing to me is that although he is legally blind, he can still paint these 54mm and 36 mm figures as well as when he had much better eyesight.

Congratulations on getting yours to pick up sticks and string!

You can’t have your needles back until he finishes?? I think that is a great reason to buy some new Harmony’s!!!

How great that he is even willing to try. I think it’s worth the temporary loss of a pair of needles and some yarn. He may even surprise you and talk himself into conquering the art and make something.

:cool: DH and I were just talking about this last night, while chatting with another couple (she is also a beginner knitter)…

His comment was something to the effect that it truly amazes him what I can produce using two little sticks and a ball of yarn, and he loves that I knit for him and others, but he doesn’t have any interest at all in trying it himself. I rather think that’s a good thing, he just doesn’t have the patience for it.

So, while I don’t have a prayer of turning hubby into a good knitting buddy, at least he respects what I’m doing. Of course, I’m not at the stash-building stage yet, nor have I spent a whole lot of money per skein or per project so far, either. His attitude could change completely once larger quantities of yarn start moving into the house…at which point, I will steer him into his garage and ask him what his plans are for the zillions of different tools out there that each get touched just once in a while. :thumbsup:

Lol, that must have been like describing a prom dress :roflhard:

How fun though, I wish DH would let me teach him. I promised I’d learn to fly cast, but he doesn’t trust me to make good on that promise.

It is charming that your husband has taken an interest in knitting. However, one of my biggest, hugest, most irritating pet peeves is when people only let you TELL them how to do something instead of letting you SHOW them. :hair: It is so much easier to get a visual description of what you are doing, nut just a verbal description. I would have thought that a guy would appreciate that!:aww:

That’s the difference between a visual learner and an auditory learner. Some people just can’t learn from seeing, they need to hear it…and others, vice versa.

LOL, I’m a visual learner and DH is an auditory learner—If he tries to give me directions to drive somewhere I grab a map and say “Just point!” and if I try to write down directions to him he insists “Just TELL me how to get there!” Yes, Virginia, there have been some tense moments in the car!

Glad you can both understand and respect that
I have been doing a LOT of Sub teaching this year, and its wonderful watching the kids learn in all different ways. One of the resons I get called back again and again to the 'dreaded" SPED rooms are that I work so well with the kids
I was told outright that I M the first and usually the last call they make to fill those 2 rooms


Mine did the same thing. Almost predictable except it took another 2 hours. TIghtest stitch you ever saw. Would stop a speeding bullet. It’s still sitting on the side table but I am not allowed to touch it . . . he might get to it … ahem. In the meantime I have already finished 2 sweaters and countless scarves.

He has yet to pick it back up, but when I ask he says he’s getting around to it. Luckily my new Options came in, so he can have the other needles if he wants them.:teehee: I’ve finished quite a few projects since attempting to teach him and I have a feeling I’ll have done way more by the time he gets back to it again.:knitting: