My husband the rockstar!

My husband has been playing guitar since he was 15. He is freaking amazing!! (I know I probably sound biased but Im not;)

He has finally found a band that works well together and they are starting to gig.

Here are some videos from last weekend. I took them on a digital camera so they aren’t wonderful but you can get an idea.

They play rock, mostly classic but some other stuff too!!

Not bad,they can sing i will say that.I would buy the cd so would my 21 year old son,he thinks they are good.

I didn’t listen yet, but that’s cool!

WTG!!! You should be very proud!!!

Gotta love good ol’ R & R!

Doing country club gigs doesn’t give me much chance to rock out but, every once in a while, we let loose. So much fun!

Thanks for sharing the videos. The guys have a great sound!

They were pretty good! Now… which one was your DH?? I gotta know so when they get famous I can tell everyone I know (sort of) his wife!!

He is the guitar player on the right of the singer, with the black tank top!


How wonderful that he found a band. It felt like I was right there watching the video. :woot: