My husband, the knitter

He would absolutely strangle me if he found out I’m snitching on him, but the other night while I was knitting he asked me if it was hard. Told him absolutely not…he should try it. OMG, he picked himself out a couple of needles and I showed him how to cast on and now he’s knitting up a storm. I just look over at him concentrating so hard and just smile. He would never ever in a million years admit to this, and would totally have to quit his job if anyone there found out, but I just LOVE it!

Now he wants to go pick out some nice yarn and try a hat, and on and on and on. I would never have imagined he would want to do this. I think it’s great. He’s terribly clumsy with the needles and his stitches are kinda wobbly, but all in all, it’s looking just fine. I had several balls of Peaches and Cream so he decided to do a dishcloth, but now that its dishcloth size and he still has a lot left, he’s just keeping on. Probably end up with a towel or something. He’s pretty much mastered the knit stitch, so can the purl be far behind?

Good thing he doesn’t visit this site. He’d probably divorce me and ask for all my knitting paraphernalia in the settlement. :lol:

GREAT! But, he’s got nothing to be ashamed about, there are plenty of guys who knit (4 here, I think, including me.) Sounds like he’s about ready to learn the purl, too. :happydance:

I absolutely agree…he shouldn’t be ashamed and he’s not at all. He’s terribly proud of himself. I think that after he makes his first hat or something and wears it, then brags that he made it himself, he won’t care. I made a cowboy hat for him and one of the other guys he works with and he wants to make another one himself, so I think that’s going to be his first real project. He’s gonna be just fine.

That’s wonderful! My husband is fascinated with my knitting, but he prefers to paint.

ContiKnitter… There are a lot of male knitters in KH. Some are more active than others, but they are here. :wink: I’m sure I missed at least few, but here’s ones I found after a quick search.


I know there are many men knitters here and I hope I haven’t offended anyone. It’s just that I would never have imagined my husband would have any interest in the craft. I think the cowboy hat put him over the top as far as actually seeing something I knitted actually being cool. The baby booties and blankets just weren’t his cup of tea.

Oh no, not at all! I was just responding to Contiknitter’s response saying that he thought there were 4 men including himself who knit here. :wink: I think your husband knitting is awesome. There are other women here who’s husbands knit, too. :heart:

My son wants to learn as well. He is 14. So we’re going to do it over the summer break. :cheering: I would never encourage my husband to learn knitting.

[size=2]I just don’t share well![/size] :teehee:

Years ago I worked in a large hospital in the radiology department. There was this orthopedic surgeon, big huge teddy bear of a man, who crocheted anywhere, anytime. He made the most incredibly beautiful afghans and such. I remember being so in awe of his work. I was just a kid then (in my 20’s) and thought he was the coolest thing that walked. I always admired him for doing what he loved and not caring what anyone said. He was a funny, wise man and I’ve often wondered if he’s still practicing. Guess he would be in his 80’s now.

Woah, Jan. I didn’t know there were so many of us here. :thumbsup:

I wish my boyfriend would, but I tried teaching him once, and he just doesn’t have the patience. He loves to watch me knit though. Congrats that your hubby is knitting!

Cowboy hats and knitting aren’t exclusive. I love my Stetson and wear it often. Doesn’t mean I can’t knit ya know.

If he’s at all a secure guy he won’t have any problem telling others guys that he knits. Being insecure and ashamed of something you enjoy is not a manly trait at all.

I’m glad your hubby has joined the ranks of those of us manly men who enjoy knitting.

Hey, if a dumb old trucker can do it, anyone can! :rofl:

Exactly, Mason. You shouldn’t care what other people think about you. IF it’s something you like, just do it.

Guys who knit are sexy :eyebrow:

Mine used to knit when his grandmother was alive. He’d help her. Now, he refuses to pick it up again.

Oh well, I guess I have to live through other’s who have a guy that knits… :teehee:

One of my sons knits. He kips too!!! Not shy about it that one. I have met a shy guy knitter though, in a book store, staring at the books. Once I asked him about his knitting, though, he was fine! As he should be. He did amazing cable work that I wouldn’t attempt! My son knits from his imagination, mostly garter, and begs for leftover yarn shipments from mum sometimes. :teehee: samm

I KIP, too. I worked on the “Heirloom Aran” from KnitPicks, and lots of people stopped and asked me about it.

[quote=“Liliyarn”]Guys who knit are sexy :eyebrow: /quote]

Well, at least I have that one thing going for me. :rofl:

heh, a guy that I once worked with told me he’d never be caught dead knitting, I simply replied, “Not man enough, eh?” I find it to be an enjoyable craft, and I’m the only one in my family to take it up since my grandmother died.

That’s so cool that he’s knitting! I’ve asked Lonnie if he would like to learn, but he’s happier with me knitting for him :wink:

That would pretty much be my response as well. Well, maybe with a tad more colorful language :rofl:

knitting guy- my husband is a driver… i told him about you & that i thought he should take up knitting at customers when he has down time ( he does a lot of local air freight)
he laughed! i agree with you guys though… if you are secure in your manlyness ,why give a flip!
some pics for you guys to enjoy!

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