My husband is going to kill me.... :)

I just spent $60 on yarn on ebay! But isnt’ it gorgeous?!

yarn on ebay 1

yarn on ebay 2

Beautiful! I would risk a disagreement with dh over that!! :teehee:

i just bought yarn from this same etailer…it’s nice stuff, congratulations!

That’s great to hear, thanks! This is my first time to buy yarn online, so it’s nice to hear that I picked a good etailer. :slight_smile:

It’s gorgeous!!!
the 1st time you bought yarn online?! Uhoh…you may have just become like me…a yarn addict…I (and my hubby) love buying yarn online!!!

They’re so purdy.

That is so funny… I was looking at that same yarn today…

Ooh, it’s very prettiful! :heart:

But you saved so much money than if you had bought it retail! :wink:

Beautiful colors. You have good taste!

Thanks, ya’ll. :slight_smile:

Yes, I am an addict in the making… :happydance:

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty~!! :eyebrow:

I love your color choices :slight_smile:

WOW - I have some yarn from that same seller that I am not at all pleased with - it may be great yarn, but not at all what I expected and it took forever for her to ship it despite her e-mailing that it had shipped, when it finally arrived the shipping date on the package was 2wks after I paid.

At anyrate, if anyone likes her yarn (mine looks like 3 finger weight yarns held together) I would be more than happy to sell it. I have like 4-5 hanks, no idea what the yardage is.