My husband bought me yarn in Athens, Greece (pictures on page 2)

Oh yeah - that’s the souvenier that I want!

He left on Monday and will be flying back late Sunday night. I’ve been home alone with our toddler who’s had the stomach flu - it wasn’t pretty. He’s finally back in daycare and I’m trying to get caught up with work when my husband calls me, from a yarn shop.

“Honey, I found some wool and cashmere mix. It’s really soft and I think it’s about $4 US a hank for over 300 yards. What color would you like and how many should I get?”

I think my heart just stopped. He’s been in meetings all day, every day and on his one afternoon off he and a co-worker went yarn shopping for me! Is it possible to fall in love again with the same man that I’ve been married to for 7 years now?

He picked up 3 hanks in royal blue and said it was lace weight. I can’t wait to see him on Sunday - the yarn too!

What a sweet and thoughtful hubby. Doesn’t it just blow you away when they do something so unexpected like that.

You have the BEST HUSBAND!!! and he had a GREAT FRIEND!!

Wow!!! What a keeper!

That’s so sweet and thoughtful! You’re so blessed with such a caring husband, and he’s obviously so blessed with an appreciative and loving wife.

That’s a whole lot of love… and when you add the yarn, I don’t think it could get any better than that :muah:

I’m sorry what did you say???

Everything got kind of fuzzy for a moment after I read “My husband bought me yarn . . .”


:happydance: He’s a keeper alright!

zkimom–you made me :teehee:

What a keeper he is!! Make sure you post pictures when you get it!! It sounds lovely.:woohoo:

I’m excited for him to come home but now I can’t wait to see what he picked out.

Whenever we visit a new city we normally track down at least one LYS in the area. I don’t normally buy at every store but he must be so used to it by now.

My mind is just racing trying to figure out what to make. He didn’t say the brand or % for the fiber mix. It’s just under 1,000 yards of lace weight in royal blue. Any suggestions as to what I could make that would work with some kind of mixture of wool and cashmere?

[I’ve never knit with cashmere before!]

Excuse me while I get lost in Ravelry searching for the perfect pattern . . .


What a sweet guy! Don’t you - almost - have to make something for him? :wink:

Aww how SWEET of your DH!! :cheering:

lucky you! he is such a keeper! :yay:

What a hubby! A shawl comes to mind… Something delicate, maybe like Orenburg Lace (can you tell i’ve ordered the book and am waiting patiently for it to arrive?)…

OMGoodness!! Well it just doesn’t get any better than that does it? What an awesome man!

I lived in Greece for 3 years as a newlywed. They have beautiful colors, like the colors of the Aegean, and the grape trees that are so bountiful there. I bet it was Takhi yarn. Let us know.

You will have to post a picture of the hanks.


Well, here’s the pictures I promised. The first one is the bag from the store in case anyone ever wants to visit. The second is the 3 skeins of yarn. It’s Alize Cashmira, 100% wool (no cashmere mix), and DK weight (not lace weight). Bless my DH for trying though!

It’s a nice deep royal blue color and feels like it would be nice and cozy warm when knit up. The owners of the shop were great to my DH and gave him a free set of needles as a way to say thank you for his business! Isn’t that great!

Now it’s time to change my searches to patterns with 100% wool and DK weight yarn.
:happydance: :cheering: :happydance:

Very nice ! Can’t wait to see what you make out of it :slight_smile:

What a sweet man he is! Yarn from Greece, and without you even asking. He must have missed you a lot.

My DH is like that. I knew he was a ‘keeper’ when I became sick from the monthly ‘feminine problem’ and needed supplies. He said, “Tell me what you need, I’ll go get them.” Wow! You know you’ve got the right guy.