My hug shrug

I knitted this shrug, its based on Magknits Hug pattern. I used Bernat Super Value in Peacock. I’m pretty happy with it but I hate that the sleeves are too short and they roll.

Cute! You could pick up stitches at the bottom of the sleeves and do a garter stitch border to make them a little longer and not roll…

Cute!!! I was gonna say the same thing Kemp said!

Hey girls,

I was gona say cute!

I am lovin it! It’s so cute!

or you could pick up some stitches at the sleeve and do gathering pattern it would be pretty hip.or use a same color tone fuzzy yarn


Thanks Everyone! I’m probably going to pick up some stitches and do a garter boarder. but I’m working a Minisweater(boobholder) right now.

Thats a lovely shade of blue! I have long been tempted to knit that pattern too. I desparately need a shrug. :yay: Great job on it!