My Hubby Is Awesome!

Saturday I went to my LYS to enroll in a class that starts in January. After spending some quality time petting the pretty yarns, I picked out some yarn for the class and then went to pay out. The owner said I didn’t owe anything because my husband had pre-paid for everything (the class and the yarn) and said ‘Merry Christmas from your husband’ – isn’t that sweet!!!

Gee, I’m getting all misty-eyed typing this! Merry Christmas everyone!

AWWW that’s great!!! What a great Husband! What is the class for?

Thanks! I’m taking a mittens class. I’m so excited! It will be great to have some one-on-one help with the thumb, which I’ve never done.

Very sweet! Knit and be loved!:inlove:

Awww… so cool when they appreciate the passion! – AND enable!!:heart:

Awwwww!! That is too cool!!

He’s a keeper. Treat him good. :slight_smile:

I’m trying my best! He got to pick the desserts for Christmas dinner (whatever you want, sweetie!). And now I am even more excited about what I got him for Christmas.

He is a wonderful artist so I got him a gift certificate for an art store that he really likes. He can get supplies and/or take a course. We won’t open presents until tomorrow, so he doesn’t know it yet.

Isn’t that funny? I guess we really do think alike!

Yes, it is sweet! It’s nice when couples support each other’s interests and hobbies.

That’s a keeper! :slight_smile: Understanding and enabling. w00t!

I’m blessed, mine’s the same way. He did all the dishes and housework that needed done, so I could make some repairs on a gift for tomorrow, ooops, today, AND I know there is a box from KnitPicks under the tree for me at our sons’ house. WHEeeeeee!

Aren’t we all lucky to have such wonderful husbands!
My hubby gave me EVERYTHING on my list! :woohoo:

That is SO sweet!! He gets kudos from the KH Gang!


What a guy!!!