My house is a disaster area!

And also Grand Central Station! :lol: We are have in a/c put in as well as a new furnace and new ducting. There are workmen everywhere and it’ll last two days! I’m looking forward to a/c in August and September though!

Yes, a/c is nice when it’s 90 or better.

UH OH! Hope it’s worth the hassle (I’m sure it will be). I’m in Texas where a/c is essential (unless you’re an idiot politician in D.C. who thinks people don’t need a/c–would like to see them make it through a summer without it)!

We love it!! It’s so quiet both inside and out!!

Congratulations on the new a/c and furnace!

We had the same thing a couple of months ago only ours included the furnace/ac unit, master bath and kitchen ! The furnace/ac was unexpected (our 15yr old unit fried itself) but as long as we had them here we paid a little more to fix some ducting errors that had been made when the house was built. I must say the new unit is much much much more efficient than the old unit and keeps the house cooler even though the thermostat is warmer.

It got warm in here today so we turned on the family room zone and boy does it cool fast! It’s great!

Oh boy…that would be a lot of stuff all at once! Must have been a madhouse around there!

lol…my house is a disaster area, too! I’m a knitter… :teehee:

Congratulations. I really appreciate the AC today. Its very humid here and it really helps to suck the water right out.

We’ve had some tropical monsoon stuff lately so this came at the right time! We aren’t used to that much humidity. :zombie:

Funny, Dollyce. :lol: