My hat seems to be to loose around the rim

I made the basic cable hat from Stitch N Bitch Nation. My problem is the brim is too loose. It doesn’t fit snug to the head. Everything else is fine just the bottom edge that’s too loose. I cast on using the long tailed method. Is there another cast on I should have used? Any ideas what I did wrong?

So now I’m wondering what I can to do fix this. Think I could get some elastic and maybe weave it into the inside of the hat? :??

that or maybe pleat it in the back… or you could frog it and go again with fewer cast on stitches. I dont know the pattern so I can’t help that much, sorry.

How would I pleat it? What does frog it mean?

Frog=ripit ripit :frog: Don’t worry…everyone who knits frogs more times than they would like to admit…I know I do :slight_smile:

to pleat it, just take up however much you need to in the back, pinch it together, and then fold it flat and sew tac it down. It’s gonna be a little visable but its a quick fix.

You can definitely just weave some elastic through on the wrong side.

Or, you could rip back the hem about an inch or so, and re-knit the brim in ribbing.