My hat is too small!

Hi! I am doing a hat and I am super close to finish it, but I do believe the hat is too small. I imagine I knitted it too tight because I am using the yarn and the needles that came with the pattern. What I want to know is if there is any solution for my problem after it is almost done or if the only way I can make it proper is to start over by casting on more stitches. I read here that measuring it while it is still on the needles is not the best way, but I am not so sure that it will be able to be all around my head… The yarn is so pretty and I really don’t want to have to give it away or end up ruining the yarn…

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Is this hat knit from cuff to top of the head?
If you can try it on, go ahead. You could also slip the stitches onto waste yarn and then try it on. If it’s ok, then just slip the stitches back onto the needles.
The pattern should have a gauge, stitches per inch listed somewhere toward the beginning. Even though a needle size is given, you may be a tighter knitter and get more stitches per inch than the pattern calls for. To get the gauge given in the pattern, you may need to go up a size in needles to adjust or, as you suggest, cast on more stitches.
You might measure the stitches per inch over about 4 inches of the hat you have now and see if you get the number given in the pattern gauge. If you do, the hat should match the pattern size. If you get more stitches in a given length, it may well be too small.
I don’t know of anything to do for a bottom up hat except start over.

Are you using a pattern? If so what is the name of it and provide a link if possible. (don’t post the whole pattern) What yarn and how many did you cast on? Are you knitting in the round or flat?

Knitting stretches so it may be okay, but the only way to tell for sure is to try it on if you can. Otherwise the best thing to do is start over.

Hi! Thanks for your fast answer! So I decided to go forward with it and see what would happen… The hat turned out a bit small, but not too much… Now I am doing another one and I am trying to not do it too tight! It was from the bottom up, so I think I would have to start over if I wanted it to be bigger… I will probably buy this yarn again, it is just the most beautiful one! I will try to put a picture here!

This is the link for the pattern but it is not a complicated one! I casted on 70 stitches in a 5mm needle!

Thank you again!

Very pretty yarn and pattern. You might try washing it according to the ball band instructions. Sometimes that relaxes the yarn and it may be just enough to make this lovely hat work.

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Great to know!! :slight_smile:

I’ll try hats on with a circular when it’s a band assuming the cable is larger than the hat (magic loop of some sort). May not be the best but it’s good enough to tell if it’s too small or too large, look at how the stitches stretch or don’t in a mirror.

Very pretty hat! It’s like garter so adding 10 sets or so may be all you need if it’s not too too small.

Or just go up half a size in needles - so if it was a 5mm (sorry I’m a Brit!) go up to 5.5mm?