My greatest fear

Thanks again for your replies – glad to know, Diane, that an old dog can be taught new tricks! I learned to knit when I was 8, but didn’t pick it up again until I was in my mid-30s, and now, after another 20 years of not knitting, I’m starting again.

thanks for the link, Samm, but I did not see any directions on how to knit on there :??

Keep with it! You will see that you get faster, and better and fabulous!

The lady on the Metro may have been using this method. I’m sorry the site doesn’t show any examples but I borrowed her DVDs from my library and they were quite good. The way you describe is exactly the way she holds her needles and yarn. See if your library has them. Her name is Jill Moray. Good Luck!!

Great NinaT!!! I’m a bit technically challenged - will I be able to play the DVD in my TV? I got the DVD from this website but it will only play in my computer at work :crying:

The first scarf I was trying to make was a Diagonal Check Pattern, on straight 3mm needles, using using Jaeger 4-ply. I have now switched to 4mm circular needles and am working a check pattern p5, k5, for 5 rows then switching to k5, p5, for 5 rows, etc. I’m working with Pattons Classic Wool Merino, a lovely blue tweed.

I’m still trying to work out my puckering when I switch from K to P – trying to do it a bit tighter…

Hi Gee Bee!
Yes they are regular DVDs. If you can watch movies at home, these will work.
I will say that I enjoyed watching the video but I didn’t change my way of knitting (English). It’s hard to teach an old dog…