My great grandma's FOs

She knit these for me, when I was born nearly 40 years ago. <3

How lovely that you still have these beautifully knit pieces! They really are wonderful heirlooms.

Those are lovely!

Aww! Those are sweet and so nice you have them!

That’s wonderful! I hope your babies used them at least once.

How marvelous to still have those! They are beautiful, and family heirlooms!

The blanket is used quite heavily. They’ve both worn the cardi several times. She also knit 800 booties, I rarely use them for no good reason. My mother hooked a blankie for me, too. It’s extremely 1970s. Black, yellow, orange etc. Lol

I severely miss my great grandma. She always had little lemon candies and tried to teach me to play the piano.

what precious treasures! i often wonder what happened to my gradma’s knitting, she did incredible pieces

Those are just gorgeous and still in beautiful condition. To be passed on to the next generation. I still have a few knits I made when my now-grown daughters were babies, and I’m saving them for when the grandkids come along.

I think it is always wonderful when you have beautiful heirlooms handmade like these to hand down. My mil passed away 24 years ago but she made my daughter some beautiful crocheted things that I still have. I will treasure them always and if one of my grandson’s grows up, marries and has a daugther, I will give them to her. These are beautiful

Ahhh, that is just too wonderful! And that you still have these wonderful heirlooms is also great!