My grandmother's knitting bag

So I’m in Massachusetts (at my mum’s house on the Cape. Come on down and knit with me!) and she gave me a bag of knitting my grandmother had. She died last summer and my aunt was going through her things and she thought I might like to have it. It’s not much, a few needles a few little scraps of yarn. But its nice to hold it and think about what she was thinking about knitting. Its funny (strange not haha) that I never saw her knit but my mother says she used to a lot ages ago. I miss my grandmother :cry:

That’s still a wonderful thing to have given your love of knitting and so on. Sorry about your grandmother. I lost mine just a few weeks before my son was born and I was always sorry they did not meet.

i dont rember much about my nanna (grandmother) but she was the 1st person to try and teach me how to knit she had this big pink flower bag and its quite like that one when i knit now i often think of my nanna. my nanna on my dad side used to knit me toys but i never met her as she live to far away all ways nice to get a knit doll tho , my fave was a scotish man with bagpies, im not sure wht a scotish man as im not scotish but still.

Oh that is so sweet! What a wonderful treasure.

that really is wonderful- I’m sure you will treasure it.

I’m sorry about your grandmother. Your grandmother’s knitting bag is such a special gift and so thoughtful of your aunt to give it to you.


Oh that is a fabulous treasure. I hope you decided to actually use it.
I have my grandmother’s sewing machine. It was her new “modern” one; a Viking from the 70’s. She took a sewing class to learn all it’s fancy features and I also have her sampler book from that class. I don’t sew often but when I do my grandmother always is helping me.

That was great of your Aunt to think of you!


I was very young when I lost my maternal grandma:heart: I was told she didn’t even speak english…My “other” grandma tried to teach me everything:tap::tap:but being a tomboy was more important then:shrug: but I had the wonderful pleasure in my older years to get to know a wonderful lady (93 years old when she passed) who taught me everything she knew in the last 4 years…She recently passed and I am very sad without her, but soooo very glad she passed on her knowledge, everything she did (knitting, sewing, crocheting, tatting the list goes on and on was done from the heart…So you didn’t witness much, but trust me.
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What a great gift! Sorry about the loss of your Grandmother. I didn’t have the chance to meetmine, they both passed before I was born. Cherish your treasure.

That is so nice that your aunt thought to give this to you! I am sorry for your loss-I lost both my grandmothers in the last few years. Within one week of one another!!! :sad:

I have been sewing longer than knitting-since I was 11-and I was blessed to inherit my maternal grandmother’s sewing cabinet, machine and lots of sewing paraphenalia (sp??) along with it. I have my own machine set up on it and use her cabinet regularly. I think of her frequently and fondly while sewing away happily. She was an expert seamstress and could look at a garment and make it without a pattern :shrug:

My uncle on my Dad’s side gifted me with my paternal grandmother’s sewing machine as well-a Singer Featherweight!! It’s in beautiful shape with all the goodies. Again it is wonderful to have this and think of her-I miss both my grandmothers and these things make me feel close to them.

I hope you treasure your Grandmother’s knitting bag and use it! I’m sure you will :o)