My grandma has a question

OK this is too cute, I showed my 88 year old grandmother this website and how I taught my self to knit with it. She grabbed my scrap yarn and some needles and well she taught herself a new increase.
Then I showed her the forum. Well now, as she phoned me last night and asked me to talk to those knitting girls about this…

She would like to repair a heel on her sock. So her question was does anyone have the instructions or know where I can print some off for her?
:hug: If you could help my cute lil grandma I would be forever greatful…

Here’s a link I found, you have to scroll down a screen on website, it is showing darning in general.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I can’t help your grandmother, but I thought this story was so cute :hug: :heart:

Here’s a Knitty article on all sorts of repairs.

I’ve used the darning website that Emeraldcutie posted.

Better get grandma on line.

Thank you all for the tips.
I saw her again today and I believe she would like to redo the whole heel of the sock. Is that possible?