My Grand Baby arrived today!

My [U]GRANDAUGHTER [/U]arrived at 10:37 this morning:woot:

SavanNah Blaine
6lbs 4 oz

It was a very long labor, started friday, but everyone is fine.

We did not know if it was a boy or a girl, I was knitting furiously trying to stay calm and had just gotten to the point on the sweater I was working on that I had to commit to right or left sided button holes and the call came!!

We leave for Virginia in the morning, so far all i have seen is a grainy cell phone picture.

Congratulations to you and your family. Keep knitting and have a safe trip…

Congratulations! I’m glad that everyone is healthy! What a beautiful name!
Have a safe trip grandma! Is she your first?

That is a long labour, but so worth it. Maybe you can post pictures when you get back?


My grandson turned 3 today! It goes so fast! Have fun with her!:muah:

Awww, grandbabies are just the best! Congratulations and have a wonderful time with her!

Congratulations! :hug:

Congratulations, Grandma!! cloud9

A friend told me that grandchildren are your reward for not killing your children when they were teenagers. They owe me! :teehee:

Have a safe trip and post pics.

:woot: Congrats!!! :woot:



CONGRATULATIONS!!! And I LOVE the name Savannah!!!


Congratulations, Ginny! Have a safe journey.

Huge huge congratulations as well

Wow a little lady :cheering:

Congratulations :cheering:

Finally a picture!

Congratulations Ginny! And what a lovely baby she is. All that hair! :waving: Hello Savannah!

I hear that being a grandma is wonderful - you get all the wonders of a new baby but you can give them back to their mums when they get cranky! At least that’s what my mum tells me! :teehee:


Congrats! What a little sweetie!

Congratulations to all!:muah: What a cutie she is!


and thank God everyone is fine :heart: